10 Black-and-Gold Nail Design that Looks Glamorous All-year Round

Many people think that black nails is only for winter season but when it comes to fashion, there is no really right or wrong season to wear a color especially if that is your favorite one. Black and gold nails is a unique way to decorate your nails.  The luxurious and rich combination of black and gold is so hard to resist that you would want to wear it before or past winter.  For this reason, we have collected all the best black and gold nails that you will surely love. Black and gold complement each other beautifully and create glamorous nails. If you are thinking where to get the best black and gold polish, there are plenty of professional nail supplies out there!

1. Simple Black and Gold Nails

For starter, let us go for the simple black manicure with two accent gold nails. This is very easy to recreate and can look good on any length of nails. There are also plenty of ways to do it, you can go for the matte finish or you can choose gold glitter accent, the choice is yours but we assure that this is going to be a big hit.

2. Black Nails with Gold Sparkle

 Gold dust is the perfect decoration for black nails, but you can take your design a step further by just letting the ring finger get all the attention. Using a nail tape, create a design of crisscrossed lines then sprinkle gold dust on the parts without tape and your nails will surely get complements as you flash it in school, work or anywhere.

3. Black Nails with a Flash of Gold

You can recreate this look by either covering your nails with gold powder first then sprinkle some black on top or you can cover the nails with black powder then use a gold spray polish. Just make sure you cover up the black polish that you do not want to be gold.

4. Black Nails with Gold Cube

This is by far the easiest to recreate. Paint your nails with black polish of your choice then put a small piece of cut-out gold cube at the top of each nail. Who would have thought that this type of nail art will look very trendy without the required effort?

5. Gold Nails with a touch of Black

In this design, instead of focusing on black, let’s paint the nails with gold and leave the ring finger and thumb for accent. Now paint the two remaining fingers with black (glossy one is the best) then for additional kick, add some gold glitters on top of the nail. The balance is perfect for someone who wants to look fashionable but not excessively so.

6. Easy morning Black Nails

Those with short nails don’t need to feel bad because there is also a nail art for you. Instead of the usual black polish. Give your nails new look by putting gold glitters in one of the nails and if you are feeling a bit extra, you can draw a gold lightning bolt using a gold DND DC gel polish. This look can be done in a jiffy but they look very artistic.

7. Glossy Black Nails With Gold Bands

This is again a very easy look to recreate. Painting your nails with glossy black polish then put two strips of gold tape on the end of the nails. This will look perfect if you will only put the accent on one nail.

8. Black French Manicure

The list is not complete without the classic French manicure. This time instead of the usual nude and white tip, color your nails gold then paint the tip with black polish. This is a cool and unique take on the classic and well-loved manicure.

9. Geometric nail design

Using gold as an underlining coat, if you can find a gold that is almost nude shade, that is perfect. Then draw a small triangle on the top or the bottom of the nail then draw another line triangle on top of it. This is will draw a lot of attention from people, it will give you a polished appearance.

10.  Reverse French Tips

This time, paint the nails black and put the accent not on the tip but on the top of the nail. Even though there’s bright gold involved, the finished manicure still manages to look polished and stately.


Black and gold nails are easy to personalize for all occasions. You can refer to the black and gold collection of LDS dip nails and they will surely make your nails livelier. In fact, they can be customized in a dizzying number of ways. You can accessorize them with stickers, stamps, and rhinestones; you can paint them with stencils, sponges and splatters.