Make Your Gel Nails Colors Glow in the Dark

Would it not be a great feeling to see your nails glow in the dark as you dance along with your loved one at the beachside party? If you wish to learn how to make your gel nails color glow at night, you have come to the right place. We explore easy ways to make your color gel polish fluorescent. Some of these methods can be done at home.

Glow in the Dark

Different Methods of Making Your Nails Glow at Night

Activate the nail polish to glow

Nail polish that glows at night is already available in cosmetic and departmental stores. You can also order it online.

Start by applying the basecoat of your regular gel polish. It is ideal to choose a neutral base color. Next, shake the glow nail polish bottle vigorously to let the ingredients mix properly. Then, proceed to paint the glow nail polish on your nails. These polish products are available in different shades.

You can comfortably add subsequent layers of color gel polish. While these colors look great during the day, they glow beautifully at night. You can paint your toes with matching colors and add to your attraction quotient.

Activating the polish to glow is the crucial part of this procedure. First, you need to expose your nails to light. Generally, any light source should do. You can also use a torchlight to activate the glow on your nail polish. This glow typically lasts for around half an hour, but you can reactivate it by holding your nails under the light source for a few seconds. The most exciting part is that a night lamp can also help the polish regain its glow. Even your smartphone flashlight can work wonders. UV light is also a good option, but it is better to avoid exposure to UV radiation.

Make your color gel polish glow at home

You know about the glow sticks you use for your Christmas decorations. They are readily available in the market. Purchase a pack of glow sticks that bend easily and glow beautifully in the dark. These sticks do not cost much.

Shake the glow stick well and snap it carefully using your scissors. You should ensure that the glow liquid inside the stick does not spill over to the ground or your clothes. You can use a paper towel to hold the stick while you cut it slowly.

Insert the cut end of the glow stick into the nail gel nails color bottle and squeeze the bar to allow the liquid to enter the bottle. Close the bottle and shake it well to enable the glow liquid to mix with the gel polish.

Apply the gel polish as you usually do. However, the polish will glow in the dark without any backlight to illuminate or activate it.

Apply glowing polish

The third method is to directly purchase glowing polish from the market and apply it to your nails. However, it is advisable to have regular gel polish on your nails before applying the luminous polish. Then, you can remove the glow polish whenever you wish without affecting the color gel polish.

A lighter base is better because it allows you to have fewer coats of glow polish. The best base is white color.

Once your regular nail polish is dry, you can add bright polish to give your nails a Halloween effect. Generally, you will need three or more coats for the polish to shine brightly. If you initially use light color gel polish, a couple of glow polish coats would suffice.

You should note that the bright polish takes more time to dry than regular gel polish. So, you have to wait for it to dry before you touch anything, or you could ruin your manicure and your dress.

You will notice that your nails do not glow immediately. But, the moment you step into the dark, you will find a fluorescent glow on your nails. The glowing effect does not last for more than two to three hours. But, you can constantly reapply the glow polish whenever you need it.

An alternative

Alternatively, you can use the highlighter pen to make your nails glow better in the dark. All highlighter pens do not prove beneficial, but the yellow and the light green highlighters are the best. This procedure requires you to put your nails under the backlight for a couple of seconds. Then, you can apply a top coat to seal the nail polish.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed three simple methods to make your nails glow in the dark. First, wear such attractive nail gel color and be the center of attraction at the party. Besides being a simple procedure, having bright nail polish does not cost much money because you get almost every item in the market at reasonable rates. Finally, have your glowing manicure and enjoy your dance party.