DND Dip Powder Nails: Everything You Should Know About It

DND Dip Powder Nails

A revolution came in the manicure and fashion world. To be precise, an improvement on nails. You might think it funny, the thought of development on nails. But what would you call manicure that can last longer than your regular nail polish and even gel? An improvement? No, a revolution. That is what dipping powder nails are, and that is what DND dipping powder nails are too.

What is DND Dipping Powder Nails?

The nail polish manufacturing giants (DND) are one of the few industry giants that pioneered the rise of the dip powder nails in the manicure industry. Daisy Nail Designs (DND) dip powder nails are a unique set of dip powder nails with high quality.

DND strived to create an even more improved dipping powder set at a very affordable price. A DND DC dipping powder pack usually contains a separate kit of glitter just for your enjoyment. It includes a dipping powder, gel nails, and nail polish.

How to apply DND dip Powder Nails

DND dip powder nails are a bit different from their counterpart dip powder nails when it comes to using and application. Below is a step by step guide on how to use a typical DND dip powder nail.

  1. Use the DND Bonder to make the nail bed for gel application.
  2. After preparing the nail bed, gently rub on the DND base gel evenly on about 2/3 of the nail and dip it into a DND natural clear
  3. For the first coat, apply the base gel, then dip it into color. Brush out any excess powder after dipping.
  4. For the second coat, dip into color, apply base gel again then dip into the DND Natural Clear.
  5. Apply the DND Activator on all nails and leave it to dry.
  6. Shape the nails to desired taste, then clean with alcohol.
  7. you can apply gel again for gloss.

If you follow the above-listed instructions, you will get the best out of your DND dip powder nails.

Benefits of DND Dip Powder Nails

After all this talk, you might be thinking, what do I get if I decide to use DND dipping powder nails? Well, here are the benefits and advantages of using DND dip powder nails.

Stronger with Higher Longevity

It is common knowledge that dipping powder nails last longer than other types of nails. But even among dipping powder nails, some products have higher longevity when compared to the others. The DND dipping powder is sure to last very long.

Usable on Natural Nails

You do not need to add artificial nails to use DND’s dipping powder nails. You can use it directly on your natural nails since it is stronger, and it allows for an extra layer of protection. So no risks of nail breakage.

Safe and Healthy

Think of all the toxic materials existent in your regular nail polish, now think of them not being there while still being fortified with vitamins and calcium, then you have the DND nails. These vitamins and calcium will help keep the nail bed safe.

Easy to Use and Remove

One of the fascinating qualities of the dipping powder nails is that it is easy to use, and you can apply it from the comfort of your home in lesser time. While being easy to use, the DND dip powder nail is also natural to remove.


If you decide to buy DND dip powder nails, one reason should be the fact that it is being produced by renowned manicure industry giants, who are known for consistently producing top quality manicure products. If you are looking for the perfect dipping powder nails, DND dip powder nails is the ideal kit to buy.