5 Top Hair Growth Tips You Should Know

Many of the girls regret cutting their hairs short and want them back real quick. Yet, healthy and long hairs are always a need for every girl, so here are some tips which will help you to avoid some common mistakes. There are many ways of hair growth, and you know them as well so, here you will get some essential tips which will help you. Follow those tips and avoid some common mistakes which you do and see the results.

biotin conditioner hair growth

Hair Growth Vitamins

There are many specific vitamins like biotin, folic acid, vitamin A, C, E, and D, which are very important for your healthy hair growth. There are many hair growth pills available in the market which promote your hair growth and give you the desired results but always prefer them after consulting a doctor. Your body takes those vitamins which are needed, and it gets rid of those who are not required, according to some experts.

You can add some fruits or food in your daily diet, which will promote hair growth and help to prevent hair loss and other damage or take the pills after consulting the doctor. 

Trim Your Hairs

In the process of growing your hairs, you may also get split ends, which will cause breakage so, frequent trims are necessary for your hairs. Trimming your hair will help to grow your hair faster. Keeping your hairs untrimmed will make them thinner, and hence, they will look shorter even they are uncut. For proper and fast growth, trim your hairs an inch off after every 10 – 12 weeks.

This will prevent your hairs from getting split end even before they start.

Use Less Shampoo

Now, here’s a matter of fact when it comes to hair growth, avoid or skip the shampoo. Many people skip conditioning their hair after shampoo, which is the worst thing you could do to your hair. Instead, skip shampoos and use conditioner for proper hair growth. The primary purpose of the shampoos is to wash away the dirt and specific products that build-up. It contains harsh soaps and sulfate, which will naturally take away all the natural moisture from your hair.

Remember the necessary and crucial tip – use conditioners and avoid shampoos as much as you can.


If you wish to grow your hairs, then using biotin conditioner promoters can become your best friend. Hair coloring and heating your strands for styling will cause hair damage by making your hairs thinner, causing breakage. So whenever you wet your hairs, use conditioners as they fill all the nutrients, proteins into the hair shafts and make them secure.

Mainly whenever you style your hairs, it leads to making thinner ends of your hairs so, using conditioner seals the outer cuticles and defend your strands from getting damaged.

Consider Rinsing Your Hairs with Cold Water

Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of the shower. This will help you in hair growth as well as protect your hair from losing moisture. Coldwater helps in preventing snags, heat damage, moisture loss, and many more. We all agree that cold shower always sucks, but if you choose anything for longer hairs, then this short step will make a massive difference in your hair growth journey.

It just requires few seconds to rinse your hairs with cold water at the end of the shower, but it makes a huge difference and makes your hair strong and healthy by preventing moisture loss and hence, preventing further damage.

These tips will help you to grow your hair faster and avoid some common mistakes you do.