Four Easy Ways to Apply Loose Glitter on Gel Polish Nails

Gel polish ranks among the best nail manicures because it is the easiest to apply. Anyone can master the gel polish manicure technique and start having them at home. While you can apply gel polish in various exciting ways, glitter gel is a fantastic option that can add to your overall glamor equation. However, many people feel that applying gel glitter colors can be messy. It can sometimes be challenging because the glitter might spill out when sprinkling them on your nails. So, we suggest switching off the fans to ensure easy and convenient application.

Four Simple Ways of Applying Loose Glitter

Here are four exciting ways of applying loose glitter to your gel polish nails.

This tip should help you when you apply glitter to your gel nails. Please ensure the glitter is solvent resistant. In addition, it ensures that the glitter does not come off when you use it on gel nail polish or acrylic manicures.

Four Simple Ways of Applying Loose Glitter

Mixed loose glitter

Prep your nails as usual. Add some basecoat to a mixing pallet and add the glitter. Mix them well to get the required consistency to enable a smooth application. If the mixture is clumpy, it can be challenging to spread. It will result in a bad manicure. So, we recommend choosing fine glitter and mixing them perfectly with the basecoat before applying.

On applying the glitter, you can sprinkle the glitter powder before curing the polish layer under a UV lamp. It is better to spray the loose glitter thoroughly on your nails before curing them under UV or LED light. Dust the excess glitter and proceed with the topcoat layer. Cure the topcoat layer for 60 to 90 seconds to ensure a perfect glitter gel manicure.

Pre-mixed glitter

The type of glitter becomes crucial when using pre-mixed glitter. The best-recommended glitter is the super-fine glitter because it ensures against clump formation that can affect the manicure. In addition, it becomes easy to apply the pre-mixed glitter when you use super-fine glitter.

The pre-mixed glitter gel colors are available in exciting options. You can order your requirements online and apply the pre-mixed glitter gel directly as you use your gel polish. Cure the nail polish layer well before applying the topcoat. The topcoat also requires curing under the UV lamp.

Individual glitter pieces

We recommend applying the basecoat initially and using a fine brush or a dotting tool to pick the glitter pieces and place them individually on the nail. The advantage of this application is that you can try numerous designs, with each fingernail appearing different from the other.

You can bring out your creativity skills and ensure a fantastic finish. First, please ensure to cure the nails after applying the glitter. It helps the gel glitter colors to stick to the nail well. Then, you can have the topcoat as usual. Multiple topcoat layers can result in a beautiful glossy finish.

Sugary top layer

The sugary top layer is the best way to apply glitter to your gel polish nails. You will need finely-powdered glitter to get the perfect finish. Start with the nail polish as usual by prepping the nails well. Then, apply the basecoat layer and cure it under the UV lamp before you use a sponge to apply the sugary top glitter layer.

Cure this layer well after dusting off excess glitter from the nails. Then, apply the topcoat layer and cure it again. You can have multiple topcoat layers if you wish for a glossy nail polish finish. Usually, glitter gel colors require a shiny finish.

Different glitter combinations

The best glitter and gel combination is black and gold. This combo requires you to have the darkest black gel nail polish on your fingernails. Then, you can have the golden-colored French manicure to enhance the beauty quotient. First, sprinkle the golden glitter dust when the nail polish is wet. It sticks to the polish. Next, brush off the excess glitter before curing the nails under the ultraviolet lamp. Finally, the topcoat layer finishes the manicure in style.

Alternatively, you can use the silver glitter pieces. They also look beautiful on black nail polish. However, if you wish to have a multicolored glitter finish, we suggest going for bright colors. The glitter application process is the same. You should not cure the gel nails before applying glitter, as the glitter does not stick to them. However, you can cure the nails subsequently and ensure that the glitter does not scrape or fall off.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed four simple ways of having glitter gel nail polish. You can opt for the method you prefer and have a fantastic time. The glitter gel on your fingernails can enhance your glamour quotient to the next level.