The Simple Gel Manicure for All of Us

Gel nails have always been known as a beauty weapon for women and even teenage girls. With the durability that gel nail polish brings to our nails, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular and widely used. Although there are many modern manicure methods nowadays, using gel nail polish for manicure is always the preferred method! The gel nail polishes from the best gel nail polish brands always meet the needs of most customers and relieve their concerns about health and safety.

The Simple Gel Manicure for All of Us

There are thousands of beautiful and very unique nail designs, which are created every day. Gel nail polish colors can be used to create most of them, with gel nails, you can freely create and do many impressive features for your nails or clients’ nails. To do your own gel nails, you can absolutely learn and then do your own nails by doing the following simple manicure gel polish procedure. So, what is gel nail polish and how it can be used?

What Is Gel Nail Polish & How It Can Be Used?

Gel nail polish is a cosmetic for nails, it is used to beautify and correct the defects of the nails, making your hands more attractive. The type of gel used in manicure is a special type of nail polish. Manicure gel polish colors is the process of covering and beautifying nails with gel nail polishes. This material dries so fast when being cured under LED or UV light, gel polish adds hardness and thickness to your nails naturally and provides the most polished effects.

The chemical composition of gel nail polish is similar to Acrylic but does not need Catalyst to harden. The gel polish is dense and has an extremely durable texture because it is made up of Monomer and Polymer Chemical Family. Nowadays, gel polish colors lines that come from the best gel nail polish brands are not only beautiful with a lot of colors but also good for your nails.

You can do your own nails by choosing your favorite gel colors and apply it directly on your real nails after treating the nail shape and surface and cutting off the excess cuticles or you can Use nail gel polish to design gel nails on fake nails – tips according to the nail shapes you like, then you just need to treat the surface of the real nails and cut the excess skin at the corners of the nails. Finally, you just need to use nail primer and glue to stick the fake nails on the respective fingers. In general, you need to combine well with other techniques to create outstanding and attractive gel nail designs.

A Gel Manicure That Anyone Can Do!

Step 1: Prepare enough gel nail tools

To be able to own beautiful nail set, the gel nail process will not be complete without a high – quality gel nail polish set with nail primer, color polish. Next will be a clean nail kit (wipes, cotton swabs and gloves, nail file, skin clippers and acetone solution). Your nail kit needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized! In particular, do not forget to use a gel nail polish drying lamp and 1 bottle of nail care to help nails have enough moisture and strength.

Step 2: Clean and treat nails before applying gel

Regardless of the way and use of any kinds of nail polish, the nail technician needs to clean the old nail before applying. This will help the nail surface to be neat, ensuring the gel polish’s color adhesion.

First, you need to trim your nails neatly, then use a nail file to smooth the tip of the nail and create a slight roughness for the glossy surface. Next, remove the excess skin around the corner and edge of the nail with a scraper or pliers. You should use a lint-free wipe to clean the nail surface. This type of nail towel will be able to gently treat the cuticle without causing damage even if the nail is unsightly.

Step 3: Applying nail primer

Applying nail primer is a basic and indispensable step to protect your nails and this layer can help you create better bond with color gel polish. Before applying primer, shake and mix it. Then, you cleverly take a little gel and paint a thin layer on the nails. Remember to “lock” the nail tip and tthe nail nail wings to ensure a long- lasting nail set!

Step 4: Start gel nail polish

Once the base coat has dried, you can apply your favorite color gel polish. This 4th step gel manicure procedure should be repeated 1 time. For the first time, you should only apply a thin layer of polish and do not forget to lock the nail tip to limit the peeling of the gel polish. Since this is gel polish, it needs to be cured under LED/UV lamp for about 2 minutes.

Step 5: Topcoat

The final step in the gel manicure process is a glossy or matte topcoat to give your nails the look you want. This is when you need pre-prepared jars of glossy top polish or gel top. Apply polish and cure as a primer and paint. You also apply the rule of thin layer and remember to lock the nail tip and nail edges then use a nail lamp to dry the gel.

Final thought

In this article, we hope you understood the steps in the color gel manicure process as well as the notes to remember so as to keep your nail sets last longer and more beautiful. With this information, you can refer to making a simple gel nail set at home.