Five Essential Tips to Apply Dip Powder on Nails

Despite the services of Dip powder nails being introduced somewhere around the 1990s, some other options stole their limelight. But now OPI dip nails are back in the game. Not to mention that the wide variety of the OPI dipping powder color comes with an improved formula to work wonders for manicures.

Before proceeding to the question about how to apply OPI dip powder on nails, let us examine the benefits. If you have been turning to acrylic nail paints for some time now, those services must have left you with brittle and fragile nails. You may also be eager to find out the answer to the basic riddle – are the OPI dip powder nails safe for my nails.

Five Essential Tips to Apply Dip Powder on Nails

The simple and short answer to the question is the OPI dipping powder color might not be as organic and natural as it is usually represented. However, it carries fewer risks compared with acrylic and gel nail polishes. Suppose this is your first time getting OPI dip powder nails. In that case, the following practical advice and tips will help you with pre-application safety practices and the pest OPI dip powder nails experience in general.

Sanitize & Wipe Your Nails before Applying the Dip

The OPI dipping powder color doesn’t interact well with wet nails. Therefore, make sure that your nails and hands are sanitized and wiped clean with a lint-free cloth. We recommend avoiding water altogether during the sanitizing session.

In case the OPI dip powder system gets in contact with wet nails, it can cause an uneven shine, gooey nails, and an extra-long drying time. We recommend avoiding water altogether and kick-starting the process with a dry, neat, and lint-free service for the best OPI dip powder nail manicure.

Create a Rough & Oil-Free Canvas

Your nails should be the perfect canvas and need to be well-prepped before you apply anything on it; especially, if you are looking forward to a long-lasting manicure. Start off by scraping off oil and dead skin from your nail plate. You can use a medium-grit file for this purpose while creating a clean, rough, and oil-free surface (canvas). After you are done with removing all traces of shine, we recommend applying a dehydrator before you apply the base.

Eliminate Dust before Applying Dip Powder

The thing about dip powder nail manicure is that the OPI dipping powder is finer and delicate than the generic acrylics and gel nail polishes, which is why airborne dust needs to be eliminated from the surroundings before the application. The best thing to do is to cover your workstation or space/ table where you intend to perform the manicure with a damp towel. The damp towel or cloth will eliminate airborne dust particles as much as possible while ensuring a smooth manicure with the OPI dip powder nails.

Shake the Dip Powder Jars before Applying

Suppose you have bought some of your favorite OPI dipping powder color but haven’t had time to get to your manicure straight away. The possibility is that the powders might have separated over time which can lead to blotchy colors. If you want to have the best manicure with OPI dip powder nails, ensure to shake and rattle the powder-containing jar before using it.

Suppose you have bought your favorite shades of the OPI dip powders but want to apply them next week. You could store the jars upside down and let gravity do its thing of keeping the content naturally mixed. Nonetheless, for a flawless application, roll and rattle the dip powders jars and have the best manicure that will last you weeks.

Start with Less & Thin Strokes

Most first-time OPI dip powder appliers make the mistake of applying thick coats of the base and the top powder coat, which can lead to gooey nails and uneven surfaces that can be hard to get rid of later. The underlying tip is to start with less and go for thinner coats in between.

While applying the first layer of the dip, start with a thin layer that only covers halfway up your nail. By doing so, you will leave a small margin on both sides of the nail. Move on to the second coat, and reach a bit farther and closer to the sides of your nails. With the third stroke, you ought to cover the entire surface of your nails. By starting with fewer and thinner applications, you will obtain a natural-looking manicure shape, which will also last longer than acrylic manicures.

Before you go for the topcoat, ensure that the nail edges are clean. You can use a thin file and subtly glide it along your cuticle line.


With a good after-care, OPI dip powder nail manicures can last up to three weeks and even a month, depending on the level of care and safety measurements. Dip powder nails also allow you to add nail extensions which can be filed, shaped, and designed as per your preferences. The OPI dip powder nails are not only lighter than acrylic but also more long-lasting.